Sun City

For those looking to hang up their coats and simply enjoy the good life.

Sun City Real Estate

For those looking to hang up their coats and simply enjoy the good life

Welcome to Sun City

This tranquil retirement community is irrefutably relaxing, but you can’t let that gentle sea breeze fool you. Everyone isn’t just lounging around. The community consistently stays active, whether it’s through sports or outdoor exercise. Retirement doesn’t have to be boring. This community is full of life and all kinds of activities to take part in. From the on-site pools to the nearby golf courses and clubs, there is something for everyone. Retirement doesn’t mean giving up your youth. You’re simply finally finding the time to fully enjoy all the hobbies you love.
Of course, the community didn’t crop up yesterday, and much like its many residents, it has an abundance of stories to tell. The area previously served as a pine tree farm, if you can believe it. However, Del Webb Communities bought the land in 1993 and started the construction of Sun City the following year. The community is certainly still rather new, so you can enjoy some level of comfort in knowing that this isn’t some antique castle where seniors go to slowly fade away. Instead, it’s a healthy and lively place where residents can enjoy all the simple luxuries that mother nature has to offer. Or, if you are interested in checking out the local history, the Heyward House Museum has what you are looking for.

What to Love

  • A wealth of local foods from around the world 
  • A lovely natural vista to enjoy 
  • Multiple community pools 
  • A mature setting to relax

Local Lifestyle

The people here are as lovely as those rolling blue waves over the coast, and they’re just as inviting. So, whether you’re a fan of browsing through local shops like those at the Tanger Outlet Mall or can’t say no to a day spent out on the water, all of your needs will be met here in the Sun City community.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

The community features three on-site restaurants: The Clubhouse at Okatie Creek, Jameson's Charhouse, and Argent Lakes Pub and Pizzeria. That’s not all this area has to offer, though.  If you’re alright with getting out a bit, you can head out to The Bluffton Room, where they treat you to an amazing gourmet dining experience. Then there’s Local Pie if you have a love for good pizzas and savory Italian cuisine. After that, there’s Sippin Cow for those in need of a southern-style breakfast. These are only but a few of the lovely restaurants you’ll find dotted around the Sun City area. Discover what sparks your appetite.

Things to Do

As mentioned, this community is always active, and there’s an array of endeavors for you to take part in. There’s Haig Point for those whose idea of fun consists of days spent practicing their swings down at the course.
Perhaps instead, if you like to gently sway along, browsing the local shops, or seek out this season’s latest fashion lines, then shopping centers like those found on Calhoun Street and the Tanger Outlet Mall can give you that and so much more. If the water is where your heart takes you, then there’s no better spot to kick back and fish than Spring Island. The island also features a variety of other areas to hunt or shoot clay pigeons.
Lastly, I must mention the Palmetto Oaks Sculpture Garden. It’s a simple pleasure to gaze at all those artistic creations and make memories. There’s so much to love here on the South Carolina coastline and so many ways to keep your body fit and active. Enjoy all of the hobbies you love and enjoy being yourself.


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