Latitude Margaritaville

An exciting and active community for those who never truly aged a day.

Latitude Margaritaville Real Estate

An exciting and active community for those who never truly aged a day

Welcome to Latitude Margaritaville

Latitude Margaritaville of Hardeeville is the type of place that just melts away all your worries. It’s nearly impossible to stress when you’re looking out over that coastline and feeling your shirt gently flowing in the wind. There’s something about it. If that signature laid-back attitude is something you absolutely yearn for, then this is your kind of place. It’s an escape from all the noise and the business of daily life. Though not lacking in action, you’ll be able to relax as you please and access the bustling excitement with ease. All of your hobbies and interests are sure to be accommodated here, whether you’re fishing down at the nearby Sergeant Jasper Park or just browsing the local shops with your dearest friends.
Where did this perfect little paradise come from? Well, back in 1985, Jimmy Buffett himself had the grand idea of founding a string of communities that are focused just on the adults. Yet, he wanted to make sure they were not quite like other communities of the same kind. Margaritaville communities are lively and exciting. These communities aren’t for gathering around the same old table playing cards. These communities are for people just like you that want to enjoy life and get outside and make the most out of every day. It’s more like a tropical amusement park for adults. I’m sure it would take no time at all for you to see for yourself just how great of an idea he had.

What to Love

  • Delicious and culturally varied cuisines 
  • A tranquil natural landscape that accents every view 
  • Savannah National Wildlife Refuge
  • Peers of a well-seasoned “55 and better” community

Local Lifestyle

The people here are guaranteed to be just like you. Everyone at Margaritaville remembers that wonderful time we had before the internet gobbled us all up. Margaritaville is like a wine rack because everything here has been aged to perfection, and everyone here has a story to tell. Enjoy the good life, sharing those stories with friends and neighbors while relaxing poolside.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Who here doesn’t love food? I, for one, feel like I’d just die if I couldn’t find a meal. Actually, I think we all would. But, good food, that’s what I’m talking about, and that’s what we’ll be exploring throughout Hardeeville and the neighboring cities. First up, for something right here in Margaritaville, there’s Bar and Chill, which, as you might assume, is a lovely spot to simply chill out and forget about life.
Beyond that, there’s the China Kitchen if you’re craving that unique sweet and savory blend of Asian flavors. Then there’s the Skull Creek Boathouse and the Old Oyster Factory, which both consistently serve up incredible, fresh seafood dishes. Maybe you’re looking for something from down south. Places like Rio Chico and Los Cuates have you covered on that front, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You’re sure to find all sorts of restaurants to fall in love with.

Things to Do

What would a paradise like this be without anything to do? What, would you just sip Tom Collins and lounge along the coastline, watching the day go by? Actually, that doesn’t sound too bad, but if you ever happen to get bored of that, here are a few of the many other options available to you right out the back door.
First up, there’s the nearby Savannah National Wildlife Refuge for those that have always been fascinated with the animal kingdom. If you’re not looking to get out too far, the community also boasts two on-site pools, one of which is just for the adults, so you can kick back among your peers in peace whenever the grandkids aren’t around to visit.
Then there’s the nearby Callawassie Island which is the perfect place for a hike in the great outdoors. If you’re one who doesn’t see what’s so great about the wilder outdoors, don’t worry. How about a few rounds with your pals on the green at the Island West Golf Club? Still not quite your style? Maybe you’d like to tour one of the region’s several museums for a step back well before your time. There’s no shortage of enjoyment here in Margaritaville; come find out what you love most.


The Jasper County School District serves Hardeeville and the rest of the Jasper County area, helping the region’s many developing young minds to grow and climb to the next steps in their lives. Some of these schools can be seen here listed below.

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