An up-and-coming coastal city with a charming atmosphere on full display.

Hardeeville Real Estate

An up-and-coming coastal city with a charming atmosphere on full display

Welcome to Hardeeville

The Hardeeville economy is growing, and you can get in on the ground floor. Projects like the scheduled Jasper Ocean Terminal seek to spark an economic boom for the region in the very near future. One can only imagine the potential presented when moving into a city early before it balloons. Not only that, but you can become a part of Hardeeville’s history as it takes its first steps into the future. Perhaps if not you, then certainly the next generations of your family. The city has a lot of potential.
Before you help forge ahead, writing history, it’s always important to learn about the history that came before. The city was officially established in 1911. However, Indigenous Americans originally called the region home before the Swiss Huguenots moved in for around a decade. Later, White William Hardee established the Hardee’s Station railway, which ran along the same track as the CSX railroad of today. Hardee’s railroad proved a significant influence on the region and was later dubbed “Hardeeville,” which is where the city derives its name. For those who are still curious to learn more, museums like the local Heyward House Museum can help to better illustrate the region’s timeline in further detail.

What to Love

  • An assortment of culturally diverse foods
  • That gorgeous South Carolina landscapes 
  • Easy access to Savannah and Hilton Head Island areas
  • An interesting history
  • A peaceful and quaint air around the city

Local Lifestyle

The people here are a casual but active bunch. You’re sure to run into the many smiling faces of the region, whether you’re out for a jog or taking the boat out for another spin. You can take comfort in feeling right at home here no matter where your hobbies take you, from fishing at Sergeant Jasper Park to practicing your swing at Eagle's Pointe.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Everyone has to eat, and when you’re dining out here, you won’t just be refueling for the day but sending your taste buds on a journey around the globe. Firstly, there’s the Bar and Chill of Margaritaville if you’re one that loves to relax, banter, and sip piña coladas while enjoying the cool ocean breeze. Next, of course, there’s Rio Chico for those that can’t pass up good Mexican food. Maybe you have more of an Asian craving. Well, the China Kitchen can give you just what you need. These are only a small few of the many options available to the residents of Hardeeville, so browse around and discover what best suits your appetite.

Things to Do

No matter what hobbies you enjoy, Hardeeville is conveniently located just between Savannah and Hilton Head, so you’re surrounded by a litany of amenities, some of which are sure to suit your style. For one, there’s the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge if you’d like to take a walk down one of its numerous trails and experience the wonders of Mother Nature. Perhaps if you’re part of an older generation and enjoy being amongst peers of a similar age group, we must recommend checking out Margaritaville, where folks can retire in peace or simply live in a community full of neighbors from a similar time.
Next, there’s the always lovely Eagle's Pointe Golf Club and its skillfully crafted course, which was designed by Arnold Palmer himself. Maybe you prefer to work out your brain indoors and admire the artistic expressions that preceded us at the nearby Mercer-Williams House Museum. It is sure to be a treat for you. That’s only to name a few. There is so much to do when you are part of the Hardeeville community.


The local Jasper County School District can help the region’s many growing students thrive. Its league of educators holds a deep-seated passion for broadening the horizons of the hundreds of young minds that enter their classrooms. A few of the region’s schools are listed here.

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