Thinking About Relocating to Beaufort, SC? Here Are 5 Things You Need to Know

Thinking About Relocating to Beaufort, SC? Here Are 5 Things You Need to Know

  • Anthony Mascolo
  • 08/17/22

The coastal community of Beaufort, located on Port Royal Island in the heart of the Sea Islands and South Carolina Lowcountry, is renowned for its scenic backdrop, stunning architecture dating back to the mid-19th century, and preserved history of the Gullah culture —a culture unique to Lowcountry. This bucolic city has also received its share of recognition including having been featured in the New York Times, and named “Best Small Southern Town” by Southern Living, a “Top 25 Small City Arts Destination” by American Style, and “Top 50 Adventure Town” by National Geographic Adventure.
Equal parts magical and enchanting, Beaufort is often cast as a smaller version of Savannah, located 40 miles south, and Charleston located 70 miles to its north. With an incredibly temperate climate, year-round events and activities for all to enjoy, and a preferred destination for visitors from near and far, there’s much to learn about what makes Beaufort, SC unique. Here are some important things to consider if you’re planning a move to this stunning coastal city:

Explore the community

Exploring Beaufort and getting to know its community’s energy is a great way to help you decide whether a move is right for you. Learning its rich history offers the opportunity to delve into a past that helps visitors understand its close-knit roots and why Beaufort residents are passionate about preserving historical elements which make the community so unique.
South Carolina’s Lowcountry mystique is an immersive experience all its own. The Lowcountry lifestyle is an introduction to a one-of-a-kind way of living brimming with its own culture and cuisine and is defined by more than simply its geographic location.
Falling in love with Beaufort comes naturally when you observe the ways the beautiful Spanish moss-draped trees create a backdrop against stunning architecture and cobblestone streets. Beaufort’s hospitality and generous spirit are always on full display, and visitors relish activities like walking tours and dining out to feast on fresh seafood from its local and stunning beaches.

Find the best Lowcountry Realtor

Falling in love with the Lowcountry lifestyle comes easy the moment you’re introduced to Beaufort. Connecting with a Realtor experienced in Lowcountry real estate is a way to guide you through learning as much as you can about the best and most luxurious properties to suit your needs.
A real estate professional who knows Beaufort will offer the most in-depth insight to help buyers make an informed decision about their property purchase. South Carolina’s Lowcountry is as unique as its individual communities, and to have a trusted and respected real estate professional walk you through every step of the process, from looking at local homes to ultimately closing on your dream property, is important when thinking about relocating to Beaufort.

Treat yourself to day trips

One of the many things that makes Beaufort so attractive is its central location to just about every major city in South Carolina and many of its sea islands. The ability to hop into the car with the family and discover South Carolina is a great advantage to gaining the full Beaufort experience.
These nearby cities and communities further illustrate South Carolina’s beauty and its appeal to the countless visitors who venture to these regions for an escape from the hustle and bustle of life:

  • Port Royal (10 minutes)
  • Parris Island (20 minutes)
  • Hilton Head Island (55 minutes)
  • Savannah, GA (One hour)
  • Charleston, NC (One hour, 30 minutes)

Things to do in Beaufort, SC

As you become familiar with Beaufort, you’ll quickly realize it’s an adventure-lovers paradise. While it’s true that locals enjoy a leisurely pace of life, there’s no shortage of excitement and thrills which contribute to creating lasting memories.
The Spanish Moss Trail extends 10 miles with incredible water and marsh views and is the Lowcountry’s Rails to Trails effort. Enjoy walking or biking under majestic live oaks, and leashed pets are welcome to join you on the trek.
A Beaufort River Tour is an opportunity to explore the town’s gorgeous waterfronts and enjoy a front-row seat to admire the river’s ecosystem, including seeing dolphins, birds, and marshlands, and offers a bird’s-eye view of the stunning and luxurious homes along the river.
To enjoy an exquisite night out, consider Saltus River Grill in Downtown Beaufort. The beautiful locale overlooks the Port Royal Sound and offers an exceptional menu of local seafood and world-class dishes.
If it’s a quick getaway and an immersive Beaufort experience you’re looking for, consider a stay at the award-winning Beaufort Inn. The historical, family-friendly inn is a fantastic retreat that offers charming and distinct guest rooms, suites, cottages, extended stay options, and breathtaking River views.

A brief history of Beaufort’s Lowcountry architecture

The Lowcountry-style architecture is front and center in Beaufort and gaining general knowledge of its beauty and historical significance is important when considering a move to this beautiful and close-knit community. The architecture is one of the most distinctive elements defining the region, and its origins are just as illustrious as the homes themselves.
Developed in the late 1700s, Lowcountry-style architecture was designed for residents of the subtropical climate of South Carolina. Elements of this architecture include historical features and designs unique to these stately homes which continue to captivate and charm southerners and visitors today.
Known for their spacious rooms and expansive porches, these elegant homes create the ideal atmosphere for quintessential Southern hospitality the Lowcountry is famous for.
A stunning Lowcountry home is one that is admired for its elegance and history. Many feature wide shady verandas wrapping entirely around the house, or double-hung windows with wooden shutters. A typical Lowcountry home will also feature a screened-in porch and tall, attention-grabbing front doors with transoms above.
Interested in discovering homes for sale in Beaufort, SC? Contact Anthony Mascolo, Realtor at Anthony & Co. at (843) 548-5546 or email [email protected].

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Anthony Mascolo has created a custom real estate experience for each of their clients. They work tirelessly to ensure your satisfaction. When working with them, you can expect a trustworthy, energetic, and knowledgeable professional.

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